BUS 2103-001 Organizational Behaviour
Application Assignment #2
The purpose of this exercise is to have students listen to a story about a workplace, called LaDonna, and
summarize it in the context of our class. You will need to utilize concepts from the course in your summary and
specify what OB concepts have influenced the story. You will also read an article on ways to reduce bias in the
workplace. Along with the summary and class concepts, you will also note how the suggestions from the article
could have improved the situation for those involved in the story from the podcast. The word count shall not be
more than 500 and the assignment is worth 10% of your final grade.
The story you will listen to is an episode of the radio show This American Life. It contains language that some
may find offensive and topics that may be difficult to hear. Please follow this link to listen, you may also find it
on your podcast app.
And read this article as well.
The paper will be marked as follows:
10% grammar
90% Content – a strong summary and use of course concepts is essential.
Submit via dropbox on Nexus by 10:00pm on June 19, 2023
Organizational Behaviour – 2103-001
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