Hope you have been well acquainted with Marketing Plans and activities
through this course and your Marketing Plan assignments and I can now
expect a professional review of the marketing strategies, activities, and
status of a company referred to you.
As you remember, VALUE is a very important concept in marketing and
in the Food industry, due to people’s health awareness, values have
changed in comparison with early 2000.
There is a very interesting Marketing platform for Canadian companies
that are active in this field. CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) is
a very interesting platform to review. Please check the name of the many
companies in the link below:

Exhibitor List

Considering your current knowledge of marketing, I’d like you to choose
one of these companies and review the company’s marketing activities( I
encourage you choosing a small or a mid-size company), marketing
presence, 4Ps, STP, SWOT, review of the competitors, and any other
marketing-related points that you find necessary.
You are also going to add a paragraph to the end of your essay,
providing your suggestions. This is a very important part of your
essay. Professional, precise, and based on real-life information.
All this report should not be more than 2 pages of standard MS Word
document (font: Aerial, size 12, standard spacing). It should be
professionally written in clear paragraphs and you should submit your
references on the 3rd page.
You have the name of the exhibitors in the link I sent you.
Estimate the coke cola firm’s stock’s return by using the Beta theor. Compare the firm’s stock
market return to the intrinsic return you calculated and explain the difference in values. Give
your comments to the result.
400 words 2 refrences
By Kash Khamisi

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