1. Select a company from the Hoover’s D&B List, found here: a company that you are truly interested in and are willing to investigate (research) for several weeks.
2. Using the company you selected from the Hoover’s List, you will create a written report using word processing software such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.
Your report must include an organizational chart that identifies key leaders within the company
Your report must outline:
How your chosen company has responded to and managed the global pandemic, 2020 to present
How has your company met the needs of internal stakeholders (employees and corporate contractors)?
How has your company met the needs of external stakeholders (customers, vendors, etc.)?

What ethical issues did your company face and resolve?
Address any ethical issues that have not been adequately resolved

Which leaders within the company should be responsible for resolving these issues? Be specific
3. If your company is a conglomerate, select one of its wholly-owned companies (being sure to highlight this in your presentation) as your focal point.

If the company is a conglomerate, select one of the companies you are most familiar with and interested in researching and talking about.
4. You will refer to our course textbook, any sources that have been shared in our class assignments and discussions, and any credible, external sources that you find from our Atlanta Technical College library, public library system, or online.
5. You must have an APA 7th edition title page, at least 4 pages (12-point font double-spaced lines) dedicated to the report, and a reference list (listing in APA format all of the sources you used to create this plan).
6. You will then take the pertinent information from that report and add it to a slide deck (Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote).
You will copy/paste from your written report the most important content to guide your presentation

What stands out in your report? If you were presenting this information in person or via Zoom, what information should be on the slides? Put that information on your slides.

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